How to choose the right sun shade net

Sun shade net also can be called cold wire net and it is mainly made of by Polyethylene as raw material. There are many benefits after covering the sun shade net, such as,cooling, shading, sheltering from rain, wind, birds, drought, and warmth.

sun shade net

Sun shade net compared with ordinary reed curtains, bamboo curtains and straw curtains, it has more advantages,like sun shade net can be used more longer time and aslo it is light weight. Convenient operation,cutting and splicing,it is aslo convenient storage and time saving and labor-saving.
Frankly speaking, when we buy sun shade net, we will ask how many needles for the net?the needles means the shade net density,the higher the number of needles, the higher the shading rate.the shading rate of darker color sun shade net is better than the light color net, when summer. We felt that the black shade is cooler than the white shade net.

sun shade net

But how to choose the right sun shade net, At present, the common colors of shading nets in the market mainly are black and green. Many users are often entangled by which color is better?

Generally speaking, the sun shade net color has nothing to do with the net quality.

different colors of shading net is mainly for engineering aesthetics

If to Cover soil to prevent dust.we choose green color. If used for vegetables greenhouse planting, most we choose black color shade net.